VTech Hires Cyber Forensic Team, Cooperating With Authorities After Data Breach

VTech Holdings Ltd. , the Hong Kong maker of digital learning toys and cordless phones, said Thursday a cyber forensic team is helping boost its security and that it is cooperating with law enforcement worldwide to investigate its recent data breach.
VTech Hires Cyber Forensic Team, Cooperating With Authorities After Data Breach

The company said FireEye Inc. ’s Mandiant Incident Response team is reviewing how it handles customer information and helping it strengthen the security of its systems after information about 6.4 million children and 4.9 million adults was exposed in the hack.

VTech also said it conducted a comprehensive review of affected sites immediately after learning of the attack, and suspended its Learning Lodge, Kid Connect network and other sites as a precaution.

On Tuesday, the company said child profile information only includes name, gender and date of birth. Parent account information includes name, email address, password details, mailing address and Internet protocol address.

The incident points to increased worry about children’s privacy as they, like their parents, put more of their personal information online to use modern toys or social networks.

On Thursday, Chief Executive Allan Wong said the company is “deeply shocked by this orchestrated and sophisticated attack” and apologized for worries caused by the incident.

“We regret that users of Learning Lodge, Kid Connect and PlanetVTech, some of whom are colleagues, friends and families, are also affected,” he said. “We are taking all necessary steps to ensure that our users can continue to enjoy our products and services, safe in the knowledge that their data is secure.” 

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