Uber SPOT Technology - Uber Testing Color-Coded Lights In Seattle Rides For Smooth Pickups

It is awkward when Uber users hop into someone else's waiting Uber ride instead of their own, which can sometimes happen during major events such as concerts. It is even more awkward when Uber users try to enter what they think is their Uber ride, when it is a private car that they are attempting to get into.
Uber SPOT Technology
Uber SPOT Technology

Such situations could be what pushed Uber to release what it calls the SPOT technology, which is a new solution that will allow Uber drivers and riders to connect with each other amid crowds through the usage of colored lights.

In a post in Uber's online newsroom, the company state that it has provided some of its driver partners in Seattle with SPOT devices that attach to their windshields. When Seattle Uber users request for a ride through the Uber app, they are asked to pick among several color choices.

As the requested Uber ride approaches the vicinity of the user, the light bar of the SPOT device on the Uber ride will light up accordingly. This which would allow the rider to determine which car among what could be several ones in the area is the Uber ride that was requested.

The SPOT technology will also be helping drivers find out which among the people in a certain area are the ones that requested the ride. The user will also be able to light up the screen of their smartphone with the chosen color for the ride by pressing and then holding on the color. The smartphone can then be waved to signal the approaching Uber driver for the pickup.

"SPOT is the latest experiment in our ongoing effort to make Uber pickups as seamless as possible," Uber said in the newsroom post, adding that by making it easier for drivers and riders to find each other among other people and cars, then waiting times can be trimmed down that would result in a better experience for everyone.

The feature, if successful, could find its way out of Seattle after testing and into other markets, adding another helpful feature for the pioneering, though at times controversial, ride-sharing service.

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